California Bicycle Laws

California’s mild climate, bike-friendly infrastructure, scenic routes, diverse terrain, and active cycling community make it an ideal place for anyone who loves to ride a bike. Unfortunately, severe or fatal bicycle


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Map of High-Injury Traffic Accident San Francisco Street Segments

Map of High-Injury Traffic Accident San Francisco Street Segments 28 July 2017 The San Francisco Department of Public Health has produced an updated map showing the streets in the City where the most high-injury traffic incidents have occurred, based on data from San Francisco General Hospital and the San Francisco Police Department. Posted in Bicycle […]

Know the compensation you should receive if you’ve sustained a ruptured disc during a car accident

29 May 2021 After a minor rear-end collision — a fender bender or more significant car crashes —  back injuries can occur, including ruptured or herniated disks. Unfortunately, a herniated or ruptured disk can mean debilitating pain, irritated nerves resulting in random sharp spasms, overreacting reflexes, leg numbness, and radiating pins and needles. These are severe […]

Teach Your Teens What to Do When a Car Crash Happens

04 September 2021 After years of protecting your children from danger, you now face one of the most dangerous activities: driving. Car crashes are the second leading cause of death for those between 5 and 29 years of age. In 2019, there were 36,096 motor vehicle fatalities. While the number of car crashes decreased in […]

Are Insurance Rates Affected in All Types of Car Accidents?

15 September 2021 After safety, the first thought that comes after a car accident is, “Will my insurance go up?” Sometimes, this thought may even alter the way a driver handles the situation. They may opt to not get the police involved for fear that their insurance might go up. Accidents don’t always require two […]

Most Dangerous Times to Drive in San Francisco

22 October 2021 San Francisco has some of the most saturated traffic in the nation. According to the 2021 Urban Mobility Report, The San Francisco Bay Area has the fourth overall worst traffic and fourth-highest excess fuel consumption due to congestion in the nation (and both numbers rose from 2019 to 2020). If you’re one of […]