Dan Rose has represented me, my family, and several of our friends over the past 25 years. He is our go to guy and a comfort to us, knowing he will always have our backs. He has never failed us. He wins.

He is a highly skillful and accomplished professional with an impeccable record of successes in the cases he has taken on. He is efficient and thorough and effective.

One may say this about other attorneys, but Dan has something special. He has a fire in his belly. Once Dan is your advocate, he is intrepid and tenacious in pursuit of justice for you. That’s what you want in an advocate.

For me personally, what makes him extra special is his sensitivity, compassion, patience and understanding of what people are going through in the legal process and how intrusive it can be. Dan really gets this.He keeps his clients informed every step of the way. When you hire Dan, you not only hire an attorney, but also, you hire a partner who will be in lockstep with you throughout the legal process.

I give Dan the highest rating possible. Hands down. He’s the greatest!

–J Haig

I have been a corporate lawyer for 26 years. When I was injured in 2017, I suddenly found myself on the other side of the aisle: I needed a lawyer. I did research, spoke with colleagues, and interviewed several attorneys. From our very first conversation, I found Daniel to be very straightforward and honest — two highly unusual characteristics for lawyers. What most impressed me, however, was Daniel’s responsiveness. Each time I called, Daniel personally answered the telephone (it’s far more common for lawyers to use their staff to sift through possible clients). Each time Daniel promised to write me or contact me, he always did just as he promised. Even more surprising to me, Daniel would contact me with important information even when I wasn’t expecting it. Daniel is not a salesman. He will tell you exactly how he feels about your case. As a seasoned lawyer facing my own injury case, I appreciated knowing exactly where I stood because it helped me evaluate how I should proceed. I highly recommend Daniel.

–Elder K.

Daniel has been extremely helpful quickly guiding me through the unfamiliar details of hospital bills and insurance law. He clearly described the tricks opposing claim adjusters would try and how to avoid them. Reaching out for his advice was a great decision.

–Alex W.

Best Attorney in SF. When no one else would respond to my questions Dan took the time to call me and give me his two cents. He’s honest and motivated to help people get the help they need. Highly recommend him to anyone. If he can’t help he will find someone who can.

–Stasi M.

Mr. Rose was professional, efficient, and friendly. He communicated with me clearly at every step of the process. I would recommend his representation to anyone!

–Joe S.

I got hit on my bicycle and it was a complicated case involving multiple insurance companies. Throughout it all, Dan worked diligently and efficiently to resolve the case to my satisfaction. Dan understands the nuances of the law regarding bicycles, as well as how they play out in court. He also explained the process in understandable terms, provided clear instructions and kept me up-to-date at every step. But most importantly he came across as someone who really cared about me and helping me recover from the accident, both financially and as a person.

–Andreas K.

After I got run over on my bike, I was overwhelmed. Daniel was very generous with his time and invaluable in helping me navigate the situation. I hope you never find yourself in a similar situation, but if you do, I highly recommend contacting his office for consultation.

Jared F.

I am a cyclist and was injured in an automobile vs bicycle accident on my morning commute recently. My wife and I had decided not to retain an attorney, but it did not take long for us to realize we were way out of our depth and needed help. A recommendation from Velosurance and a little research led us to Dan Rose. We spent over an hour in an initial phone conversation with Dan and decided to retain him. We are very happy we did!
We provided the information he asked for and he very quickly took care of EVERYTHING. He was always available when we called with questions and would explain the answers so we understood. Emails and phone calls were always answered promptly, even outside of ‘normal’ working hours. Dan worked hard for us and was very generous with his time to ensure I received adequate compensation.
It was a huge relief to have Dan help us navigate what is (to us) completely unknown territory during a very difficult and anxious time. I hope not to need Dan’s services again, but will not hesitate to call him if the necessity arises. Thank you very much Dan!

–Mark S.

I don’t have a lawyer. This guys is amazing and very generous. He deserves at the least me telling everyone how kind and generous he is – I was in a small car accident last year. I needed advice regarding if it is OK to disclose info regarding my insurance policy because the other party’s lawyer is asking for the info and my insurance is asking me if I want to release the info or not. I called on a Sat afternoon ready to pay for advice and he picked up the phone and gave me advice that I needed and said good bye. I if needed a lawyer I will go to him!

–Francis A.

Dan Rose is a top quality lawyer. Skilled and caring, he works intensely to resolve cases for their highest possible value. He has tons of experience dealing with insurance companies and gets great results.

–Francesca B.

I was hit by an uninsured motorist while riding my bicycle. The driver, after determining I was at least alive, decided to flee the scene without a trace. Well, almost without a trace, since a security camera near the scene recorded the car shortly afterwards. I was taken by ambulance to emergency at a nearby hospital, where I was diagnosed with a broken collar bone that required surgery.

I called Dan the next day to get his advice. After we discussed my case in detail, he took my case and immediately went to work.

Dan built a solid case for presentation to my insurance company, and in a short period of time secured for me a policy limits settlement that covered all my medical expenses, lost income, and the pain/suffering and general inconvenience that I’ve endured. Dan also managed to ensure that my medical insurance company relinquished its claim on any potential settlement. Lastly, when the settlement payment was eventually confirmed, Dan was extremely generous concerning his contingency fee.

In summary, I cannot recommend Dan highly enough as a personal injury lawyer for cyclists involved in collisions with vehicles. He is experienced, sympathetic, rigorous, organized, and extremely ethical.

–Tim C.

I was unfortunate to be in a bicycle accident. I was fortunate to find Dan, I have never written a review for any place or any one before, for Dan I gladly do so.

I was rear-ended by a distracted motorist while biking. A few days later, on a Sunday afternoon, after I came home from the hospital, I contacted Dan, he was watching a football game with his friends and still had the time to hear my story, he called me back the first thing that Monday morning!
He sorted out all the things with the insurance company since the driver was underinsured.

Dan was always available, no matter what day or time. Dan was great! more then I could have expected from any attorney. I am still pleasantly surprised at how quickly he responded to questions and emails even on weekends while he should be riding his bike! 🙂

As an other client stated: ” I always felt that I was Dan’s only client, regardless of how many clients he had and he was very responsive to all of my calls and emails.” I know he puts in a lot of effort into his work, you can tell he really loves his job and cares about what he does.

Fast forward to present, all has been taken care of now. Dan was great at exploring all the factors and working with the system to ensure I received the best possible settlement.

Also, Dan was more than fair when it came to his fee, ensuring that I received adequate compensation in the end.

I’m very grateful for his services. It was a horrible situation to be in, but I am so glad I decided to give him that first phone call and have him help me. Thank you, Dan. You are truly a fine person and sincere attorney!

I recommend Dan highly to anyone who is looking for a professional guide to getting your life back after the chaos of an accident.

–Maarten D.

In 2014, my wife and daughter were involved in a motor vehicle accident. My wife sustained numerous injuries and was hospitalized for several days in intensive care. I’ve represented myself in several legal claims in the past, but this was a bit out of my league. I interviewed 5 or 6 personal injury law firms and ultimately chose Daniel H. Rose because he most aligned with the attributes I was seeking for an attorney to represent my family. He was professional, experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate and was answering the phone directly on a weekend at 8:00pm! No other attorney sounded as genuine as Daniel Rose. He is committed to his clients, willing to work hard and truly cares about his client’s well being, not just the case.

On several occasions throughout my wife and daughters case, Dan went the extra mile for us. Our case was a bit complicated as we were dealing with multiple insurance policies with policy limitations, hospital bills and expenses. Dan helped out with everything, investigated liability of the person who caused the injury, their insurance limits and every angle to maximize our claim.

Over the course of the next few months Daniel kept me updated on his case progress and made sure my expectations were in line with the many possible outcomes. He inquired on my families well being and worked hard to build the best case for us. In the end, the outcome was more than what we expected. This accomplishment could not have been achieved without Daniel’s hard work, dedication and commitment.

I always felt that I was Dan’s only client, regardless of how many clients he had and he was very responsive to all of my calls and emails. He fought for my wife and daughter as if they were his own.

Daniel Rose is honest, knowledgeable, tough, punctual and works extremely hard to take care of his clients. For these reasons I would only Daniel Rose to represent anyone with a personal injury claim. His firm specializes in Bicycle, motorcycle, truck, pedestrian, drunk driving, wrongful death, medical malpractice and more! If you are injured, Daniel is the best in the business.

My family will be forever grateful for all that he has done.

–Mirko M.

When my family and I were looking for an attorney to represent my mother’s wrongful death suit, Daniel stepped up with determination, heart and class. He was a joy to work with and his speedy resolution of our case, which involved a personally devastating situation, was both comforting and reassuring. He is simply, the best.

–Rachel G. 

I called Dan Rose because I needed someone qualified to represent my mother and I in a horrible car accident. After his secretary picked up the phone, I was immediately transferred to him. We were on the telephone for more than an hour going over every detail, and at that point I knew I would be working with him (though he gave me time to think about it). When we signed the client/lawyer contract, he got to work right away not wasting a single second. He was diligent with our case until every last issue was resolved. Everything about Dan was above and beyond any expectation one can have of a good, hard-working, efficient and capable lawyer. He went over every detail numerous times, never took more than an hour to return an email, showed genuine compassion, and even helped us sort through personal issues in order to move forward with our lives. He was very sincere and never offered false hopes, and at the end we received more monetary compensation than we expected. There isn’t a good enough review I could write for this man, he simply was a blessing in a time of need. I remember that when I started my search for a lawyer, I felt absolutely desperate to find someone that would help us in such a difficult moment; I really thought that it could only get worse, but luckily I found the right lawyer. I read Dan’s reviews and called him, and now, if anybody is going through a similar situation I encourage you to call him too. If he’s willing to take on your case he is sure to help you. He’s an excellent lawyer and deserves to be recognized as such.

–Belen L.

My wife was severely injured in a scooter / car accident some time ago. After a few phone calls with the insurance company, it was clear to me that I just wasn’t going to get anywhere with them by myself.Dan came as a recommendation from an appellate lawyer. We’ve been extremely happy with how he’s handled our case and successfully concluded it over the past few days. He was very responsive throughout the process. We’d often resolve issues at odd hours of the night and weekend, constantly making progress on what was an involved case. I read in detail all the documents that Dan sent out. They impressed me with their detail and precision.Where Dan showed his best side was when it came to the mediation. Starting with the right initial claim amount, engaging in the gamesmanship of back and forth in the mediator’s office. He enjoys that part of it and he’s good at it. In the end, we were very satisfied with the outcome and grateful that we had made efficient use of our time (I’ve seen other cases drag on taking up a lot of extra time only to settle on the eve of trial).

–Bruno B.

I’d had a bicycle accident; despite it seeming like a pretty straightforward case I was struggling to obtain a settlement on my own. Enter Daniel Rose. The man knows his business and knows what needs to be done. We had a fair settlement in weeks, not months or years. Highly Recommended!

–John L.

I was doored in July in Berkeley and needed stitches and a lot of dental work. I didn’t know anything about personal injury law, but it soon became clear that I would need help to deal with car and medical insurance companies.

Dan Rose has been extremely helpful in advocating for my interests. One of the most helpful aspects was to have someone keep me on track with the paperwork for my healthcare and health insurance. It is hard to have the motivation to take care of things when you’re injured. I’m sure he was trying harder than I was to get a fair deal for myself.

He was also extremely generous with his time. He finished my case in just under 2 months so I can move on with my life. I felt that his expertise on bicycle cases and bicycle law to be very valuable. He is a clear communicator who has a lot of integrity. I definitely recommend Dan.

–Yang R.

I was severely injured riding my bicycle when a car carelessly making a left turn collided with me. I searched on the internet for bicycle accident attorneys in the Bay Area and asked friends and, before learning of Daniel Rose, talked with a few attorneys who appeared to be well qualified but upon meeting them discovered that they were less concerned with my well-being than with signing me up as a client. After rejecting them, I luckily came across Daniel Rose. When I called his office I was immediately transferred to Daniel. The next day he drove 50 miles to meet with me. After the meeting I knew I had made a great choice.

Daniel was always available at any time of the day for any questions or concerns I might have. His ability to understand all the pain and aggravation involved after being in an accident is priceless. Daniel works extremely hard in representing you and looking out for your best interests and well-being. Daniel is extremely fair with his time and charges. Even after my case was settled Daniel continued to check up me and offer support. I could go on and on how highly I recommend Daniel Rose.

–Bo H.

I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle in San Francisco. While I wasn’t hurt too badly in the accident (cuts, bruises, a sprained ankle, missed work, and a visit to the hospital), my bike was quite damaged — it needed to be towed, which is already expensive enough, and repairs ran into the thousands of dollars. All told I was in trouble, but at the time I assumed that the other party would cover the costs, as they were apologetic and accepting of fault at the scene.

Unfortunately, that was not the case — they went back on their word! After a number of missteps, I finally got smart and called a motorcycle lawyer: Dan Rose. He was, simply put, tremendous. He handled everything for me, walking me through all of various steps and helping me gather the relevant documentation with compassion, efficiency, and clarity. Even better, he described what he was doing along the way, helping to prepare me to not make the same mistakes if ever I find myself in the same situation. That willingness to share his knowledge really served to impress me with how trustworthy and caring Dan is.

If I ever find myself in need of a motorcycle lawyer again, he’ll be the first person I call.

–Amanda Cantrell

I called Daniel after having sustained injuries when an automobile driver forced me off the road; I was in great pain and my bike was badly damaged. I called him on a Sunday morning expecting that I would leave a message and perhaps hear back later that week. This was my first pleasant surprise with Daniel: he answered his phone, on a Sunday morning.

We spoke that morning and several times subsequently over the following weeks. He was smart and kind with his advice and helped me navigate things with which i was not even remotely familiar. He was always quick to respond to my questions and served me greatly as a resource.

As a cyclist himself he understood what it’s like to be on the road with cars and is well aware of the inherently vulnerable position we occupy in a multi-modal transportation system. This makes him a particularly valuable bicycle accident lawyer.

Not only would I not hesitate to recommend his services, but I aver that he impressed me entirely as a lawyer because he is an eminently good person.

–James D.

I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident which resulted in a lot of fractures and new metal for my bones. While at Rehab in the hospital I started searching for a motorcycle accident lawyer and came across a few of them. I contacted a few of them and wasn’t really impressed until I talked to Dan.

During our initial talk, He was upfront with everything and explained a lot about how he handles his cases and the different methods he uses to resolve them. My first impression of Dan was that he is a very friendly, warmhearted, encouraging, person that is really out to help people and not do it for the money. He was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had at any time of day. He was great at explaining the different options and expectations regarding my case. He resolved my case in a few months instead of letting it drag on for years.

I am glad I had the opportunity to use his services and will recommend him to any one that is in need of legal services.

–Jonnie L.