California Bicycle Laws

California’s mild climate, bike-friendly infrastructure, scenic routes, diverse terrain, and active cycling community make it an ideal place for anyone who loves to ride a bike. Unfortunately, severe or fatal bicycle


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Common Auto Accident Injuries

17 July 2021 Being involved in a car accident always has the potential to cause injuries. The most obvious are dents and scrapes to the vehicle. Damages caused to a person’s body are not always so obvious. Sometimes, people may feel like they have walked away completely unharmed but days later experience side effects, such […]

How to Get the Most Out of a Motorcycle Accident Claim

10 October 2020 As one of the nation’s most populated states, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of motor vehicles on California’s roads. Motorists don’t only share the road with other cars, but also with motorcycles and a motorcyclist is among the most vulnerable travelers on our thoroughfares. When a motorcyclist comes into […]

5 Post Car Accident Symptoms to Watch Out For

14 October 2019 If you were involved in a car accident, you may have felt fine at the scene of the crash. Even immediately after, you may have felt that you suffered only minor injuries or no injuries at all. However, adrenaline can mask serious and life-threatening injuries, and after a car accident, it’s important […]

What Are Non-Economic Damages in Wrongful Death Cases?

08 August 2020 If your loved one died as a result of someone else’s negligence, as a family member you may have the legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit to receive justice in the State of California. While no amount of money will bring back your loved one, you may have funeral expenses, […]