When Is a Personal Injury Considered Catastrophic?

In the best circumstances, a car accident victim will only have minor injuries that resolve quickly and require minimal medical intervention. If you are a victim of a minor fender-bender, you likely will not need weeks, months, or even years of medical treatment. However, in many car accidents, trauma victims suffer severe injuries requiring emergency medical care, hospitalization, surgeries, extended hospital stays, continued medical treatments and therapies, and ongoing medical prescriptions. In some cases, victims suffer permanent or life-altering injuries. Victims receive compensation comparable to their severity level. Learn when a personal injury is considered catastrophic and how you can receive compensation for your injuries and losses.

Catastrophic Injuries

In most cases, catastrophic injuries are considered those that require extensive medical attention and treatment following a car accident. A victim has the legal right to pursue compensation for any injuries that they receive as a result of someone else’s negligence, however the more severe the accident, the greater the chance the injuries will also be severe. Victims are allowed to receive additional compensation for their injuries, damages, and losses if their injuries are considered catastrophic. Some examples of catastrophic injuries resulting from an accident include the following:

  • Permanent or long-term disabilities
  • Any permanent or long-term bodily impairment or loss of functionality
  • Any major body system suffering permanent damage
  • Incapacitation in any way
  • Severe pain and suffering
  • Diagnosis of a terminal medical condition or death of the victim
  • Severe traumatic brain injuries, or serious injuries to the head, neck or spinal cord
  • The victim remains unable to return to any kind of employment
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Vision loss or hearing loss
  • Multiple fractures or broken bones
  • Severe damage to the central nervous system or severe nerve damage
  • Neurological conditions or disorders
  • Severe burns that result in pain and suffering, disfigurement or scarring

Catastrophic Injuries and Insurance Companies

If you were a victim of a serious accident and suffered catastrophic injuries, you may have astronomical bills associated with your injury that may include ambulance bills, doctors’ visits, surgeries, hospitalizations, prescription medications, continued physical therapy treatments, diagnostic testing, and a need for mental therapy as well. Many victims of severe accidents suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, as they endured a traumatic event that resulted in catastrophic injuries. A victim has a legal right to receive compensation for their lost wages as a result of remaining unable to return to work due to their injuries. Additionally, victims of serious accidents that result in catastrophic injuries typically suffer severe pain and suffering which can increase the total amount of compensation received in settlement packages from insurance companies. Visiting with an experienced attorney can help ensure that the calculations for pain and suffering are fair and just for a victim with catastrophic injuries.

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