When you call us our skilled attorney will speak to you to...

When you call us our skilled attorney will speak to you to...

Discuss the circumstances surrounding the accident, your injuries or the death of your loved one.

Review your legal rights and how your case would be handled if you choose to become a client.

Explain medical and insurance related issues and the claims process.

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San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

We represent individuals and families in a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death matters.

A personal injury attorney is a legal expert who focuses on representing individuals who have been injured or harmed due to the recklessness, negligence, or intentional actions of another person, business, or entity. In San Francisco, these attorneys help clients secure compensation for their damages, which can include lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other associated costs.

Specialization in San Francisco

San Francisco is a vibrant city with a high frequency of traffic accidents, slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice, and other personal injury cases. Consequently, many personal injury attorneys in San Francisco specialize in particular types of cases, such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, premises liability, and wrongful death cases. These attorneys have deep expertise and experience in managing such cases and are dedicated to ensuring their clients receive the compensation they are entitled to.

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The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases can be intricate, making it challenging to navigate the legal system without the assistance of a skilled attorney. A personal injury attorney in San Francisco can help clients comprehend their legal rights and options, investigate the accident or incident, collect evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if needed, litigate the case in court.

Client Testimonials

"...He is committed to his clients, willing to work hard and truly cares..."

"...He was professional, experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate and was answering the phone directly on a weekend at 8:00pm! ... He is committed to his clients, willing to work hard and truly cares about his client's well being, not just the case. ... In the end, the outcome was more than what we expected."

Client Review
"Dan is a personable person who took the time to get to know me..."

"The moment I met with Dan all my worries evaporated. Dan is a personable person who took the time to get to know me for who I am and my lifestyle that I lived. [...] one thing I do know is how lucky I was to have someone in my corner who was willing to fight so incredibly hard for me and get such a great result."

Client Review
"...works extremely hard in representing you..."

"Daniel was always available at any time of the day for any questions or concerns I might have. His ability to understand all the pain and aggravation involved after being in an accident is priceless. Daniel works extremely hard in representing you and looking out for your best interests and well-being."

Client Review
"Reaching out for his advice was a great decision."

"Daniel has been extremely helpful quickly guiding me through the unfamiliar details of hospital bills and insurance law. He clearly described the tricks opposing claim adjusters would try and how to avoid them. Reaching out for his advice was a great decision."

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"He's honest and motivated to help people get the help they need."

Best Attorney in SF. When no one else would respond to my questions Dan took the time to call me and give me his two cents. He’s honest and motivated to help people get the help they need. Highly recommend him to anyone. If he can’t help he will find someone who can.

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"He communicated with me clearly at every step of the process."

Mr. Rose was professional, efficient, and friendly. He communicated with me clearly at every step of the process. I would recommend his representation to anyone.

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Meet Dan Rose

Mr. Rose sets the standard for outstanding and professional customer service."

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Informative Legal Help

Choosing the Right Attorney

When selecting a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, it’s crucial to find someone with a proven track record in handling cases like yours. You can research potential attorneys by reading reviews from past clients, exploring their online profiles, and consulting with legal organizations such as the California State Bar. Additionally, look for an attorney who is compassionate, communicative, and committed to securing the best possible outcome for your case.

Practice Areas

Personal injury law covers a broad spectrum of cases. Some common practice areas include:

  • Car Accidents: Representing clients injured in vehicle collisions, ensuring they receive compensation for damages and injuries.
  • Motorcycle and Truck Accidents: Handling cases involving motorcycle and truck collisions, which often result in severe injuries.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Advocating for pedestrians struck by vehicles, aiming to secure compensation for medical bills and other losses.
  • Slip and Fall Incidents: Helping clients injured due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property.
  • Medical Malpractice: Representing patients harmed by medical negligence or errors.
  • Premises Liability: Addressing injuries that occur on another person’s property due to unsafe conditions.
  • Wrongful Death: Assisting families who have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence, seeking compensation for their loss.

In summary, personal injury attorneys provide indispensable support and advocacy for individuals who have suffered injuries. Their expertise spans a wide range of practice areas, ensuring that clients receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

Contingency Fee Basis

Most personal injury attorneys in San Francisco operate on a contingency fee basis. This means they only get paid if they win the case or secure a settlement for their clients. This arrangement makes it easier for individuals to access legal representation without worrying about upfront costs.

Contact a San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney

In summary, a personal injury attorney in San Francisco is a vital advocate for those who have been injured or suffered damages due to someone else’s negligence. At Dan Rose, our attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to navigate the complex legal system and help clients obtain the compensation they deserve. By working with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney in San Francisco, individuals can improve their chances of achieving a favorable outcome for their case.

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dan Rose law

Personal injury attorneys play a crucial role in advocating for individuals who have suffered harm due to the negligence or intentional actions of others. Their primary goal is to help clients secure compensation for the injuries and damages they have incurred. This assistance can cover a range of areas, ensuring that victims are adequately supported throughout the legal process.

Legal Guidance and Support

One of the primary ways personal injury attorneys help clients is by providing expert legal guidance. They help clients understand their rights, evaluate the merits of their case, and outline potential legal strategies. This support is vital, as the legal system can be complex and daunting for those without legal training.

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Personal injury attorneys are adept at investigating accidents or incidents that led to injuries. They gather crucial evidence, including medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and expert testimonies. This thorough approach helps build a strong case to support their clients’ claims.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, as these companies often aim to minimize payouts. Personal injury attorneys have the skills to negotiate effectively with insurers, striving to secure fair settlements that cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs. Their expertise ensures that clients are not taken advantage of and receive the compensation they deserve.


If a fair settlement cannot be reached, personal injury attorneys are prepared to take the case to court. They represent their clients in trials, presenting evidence and arguments to achieve a favorable verdict. Their experience in litigation ensures that clients have the best possible chance of success.