How to Avoid Sun Glare Accidents

Brilliant summer days, as well as snowy winter ones, can bring more sunlight and sun glare. Driving in direct sunlight is a major cause of automobile accidents due to the inability to clearly see traffic or traffic signals. Here are some of the best ways to avoid sun glare accidents.

Top Ways to Avoid Sun Glare

Avoiding sun glare can be the difference between a safe drive and one that results in an accident. Consider implementing the following safety measure to avoid sun glare accidents.

  • Use your sun visor. Sun visors are an easy and quick way to block direct light from coming into your car and obstructing your vision. Instead of using this feature to hold notes, business cards or receipts, use it to protect your vision and help you to drive safely.
  • Wear sunglasses. Not only will sunglasses protect your vision from UV light, but many sunglasses are actually created specifically to reduce sun glare. Some of these sunglasses are more expensive, but worth it to prevent an accident due to sun glare.
  • Clean your car windows. Dirty windows will make sun glare worse. The dirt amplifies and spreads the glare making visibility worse. Make sure to always keep your windows clean (both inside and out) to prevent accidents due to sun glare, or simply being unable to see.
  • Keep a safe distance. Keeping a safe distance from other cars is always a good idea, however, when there is a bright sun out, the distance you have between you and the car ahead of you could make the difference between safety and an accident. If sun glare is particularly bright on a specific day, make sure to keep extra distance between you and the car in front of you, as you may not be able to see their brake lights as easily.
  • Pull over. If the sun is causing you to lose the ability to see well, simply pull over until your eyes can adjust. Always make sure you are driving under conditions where you feel safe to operate your vehicle.
  • Turn your headlights onThis particular piece of advice may seem counterintuitive. However, with bright sun glare, turning on your headlights may be able to help oncoming traffic actually see your vehicle better and prevent accidents.
  • Avoid high-gloss vinyl cleaner on dashboards. These cleaners can make the inside of your dashboards shiny and pretty but can actually increase the amount of sun glare in your vehicle, making it harder to drive.
  • Find alternative routes. If it is possible, try to find alternative routes where you will not be driving directly into sunlight.
  • Avoid driving at sunrise or sunset. Sun glare can be a problem during the middle of the day but can also be a problem at sunrise or sunset. Try to avoid driving at these particular times to avoid sun glare accidents.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

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