Yellow Taxi Severely Injures Muhammed Saleem Bae and other Pedestrian at Market-Sutter-Sansome Sidewalk in San Francisco on 8/23/16

Two pedestrians, including Muhammed Saleem Bae a 66-year-old operator of a shoeshine stand and his assistant, are severely injured after being struck by a Yellow Taxicab which jumped the curb onto an area of sidewalk bordered by Sutter, Sansome and Market Streets (right outside of my office building) in the Financial District of downtown San Francisco on Tuesday August 23, 2016. The reason the cab driver, reported as John Diesso, who was also hospitalized and later released, jumped the curb has not been officially declared but while the SFPD, which is investigating the crash, has indicated that the driver may have suffered a medical emergency, it appears from witness statements that the taxi may have been speeding on Market Street immediately prior to the crash. It has also been intimated that the driver may have been on his cell phone at the time. Sadly, as a lawyer who specializes in pedestrian accident injuries, I know that this type of occurrence is all too common in San Francisco where vehicles travel at unsafe speeds and/or are driven by distracted drivers. It is also the opinion of many that barriers to protect pedestrians, such as concrete posts, should have been installed on this pedestrian-exposed corner of two high-injury corridors. Reducing the number of such tragedies is one of many reasons I support Walk San Francisco, our local pedestrian advocacy organization, which works tirelessly to reduce traffic injuries and deaths. My heart goes out to the victims and their families and friends, and my hat goes off to the first responders and hospital trauma teams.