Why You Should Avoid Posting Details of Your Car Accident on Social Media

Everyone seems to post everything on social media these days. However, there are good reasons why you should never post anything related to your car accident on social media, especially if you are considering filing a claim to receive compensation for your injuries and damages.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Most personal injury attorneys are astute enough to now understand that people are tempted to post everything on social media, including details regarding their car accident and injuries. In many cases, victims have not set their Facebook or Instagram profiles to private and anyone can simply go and look at anything that they post. The personal injury attorneys or insurance companies can easily take screenshots of your post, tweet, or photograph and use it against you in a court of law during your personal injury case.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you decide to post anything related to your car accident on social media, know that it may be taken completely out of context and used against you. Pictures or posts can be used in a manner that you never intended or anticipated.

Additionally, if you are attempting to claim that you have serious personal injuries related to a car accident that was not your fault, and then post on social media how you were drinking heavily the night of the accident, or that you are running a marathon soon, it is likely that these comments or posts can be used against you and eliminate your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. Even comments or posts said in jest can be taken to be serious and you will lose the right to monetary recovery.

Never Delete Anything

If you made a mistake and posted something on social media regarding your car accident and now regret it, you should avoid the temptation to delete it. If you delete any post, picture, image, tweet, message, conversation or comment on social media, it may be considered obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. In fact, the law is clear on this topic. Never delete anything from your social media accounts, as someone else could have taken a screenshot and it could unexpectedly be brought up in court later. Therefore, if you make the mistake of posting something regarding your car accident on social media, leave it but do not highlight it or continue to comment on it in any way.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Always assume that anything you post or include on any of your social media platforms will be seen by everyone, even if your settings are private. Personal injury attorneys have great ways of finding these posts and using them against you to deny your claims of personal injury or lack of liability regarding the car accident. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, contact The Law Office of Daniel H. Rose. We will work on your behalf to ensure that you understand your legal rights and that you receive a just settlement. Contact our experienced car accident attorneys today at 415-946-8900 or online today.