Tips on How to Take Pictures After a Car Accident

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is that truer than pictures taken immediately following a car accident. If you are injured in a car accident, you need to seek immediate medical treatment. However, if you are able to physically take pictures of your car accident, these tips will help ensure that your photos accurately represent the damage and help ensure you receive compensation for your damages and injuries.

Photographic Tips

The following are the best tips for how to photograph evidence following a car accident to ensure that they accurately represent the damage your vehicle suffered or your personal injuries.

  • Take a picture of the entire scene. Take several photographs from several different angles of the entire car accident scene. This will help give perspective to any smaller details that you may photograph later. Make sure to photograph not only your car but all other vehicles involved in the car accident.
  • Take close-up pictures. Take close pictures of your car as well as all other cars involved in the accident. Take very close shots of damage to all vehicles. Take pictures of pieces of the vehicle that may have fallen to the ground or any debris from the accident.
  • Take pictures of the environment of the car accident. Make sure to take photographs of the weather at the time as well as the roadway. If there were any potholes, damaged curbs, stop signs, intersection traffic lights or debris in the roadway, make sure to take careful photographs of those areas. If either vehicle had any skid marks on the roadway, make sure to take photographs of the skid marks.
  • Take pictures with a point of reference. It is always a good idea to include something common in the photographs as a point of reference. For example, if you can use a piece of paper, a traffic cone, or any other object that can serve as a reference point for a judge or jury to determine how large or small the photographed object is. For smaller pieces of debris, consider using coins as a frame of reference.
  • Take pictures of injuries. If you or any other person suffered injuries, try to take as many pictures as possible of the injury prior to receiving medical treatment. Always make sure to seek immediate medical treatment, but if you can photograph your wounds or injuries, it will help you obtain compensation for those injuries at a later time. You may want to take pictures of other victim’s injuries as well, but you must always ask permission before doing so.

Contact an Experienced Accident Attorney

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