Tailgating Safety Tips

Fall and winter typically bring tailgating fun! While spending an afternoon grilling outside and cheering your favorite team on is as American as apple pie, make sure to follow these tailgating safety tips to ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys the game.

Drive Safely in the Parking Lot

Other families and groups of friends are in the stadium parking lot as well, ready to tailgate and have fun. Small children may be dashing after thrown footballs or enjoying other activities and dart in front of your car. Make sure to drive slowly and safely and keep an eye out for debris and glass as you navigate to your parking spot.

Ensure Food Safety

Make sure to pack all raw meat separately in an iced cooler until you are ready to throw it on the grill. Wash all utensils after they come in contact with raw meat. Wash your hands after using cutting boards or touching raw meat in any way. When grilling meat, make sure that you bring an instant-read thermometer to ensure that your chicken and turkey are cooked to 165 degrees, ground beef is cooked to 160 degrees, and pork chops and fish are cooked to at least 145 degrees. Always bring a fire extinguisher, turn off your gas grill, and/or douse your coals with water when you are finished cooking to avoid any accidents.

Packing a first aid kit never hurts and could come in handy if there are any cuts or burns when cooking. Additionally, all food left out on tables should be monitored to ensure that they do not spoil or return them to the cooler. The last thing anyone needs after a day of fun is food poisoning.

Sun Protection and Hydration

If you are out tailgating on a hot day, make sure to have plenty of sun protection on hand (hats, different types of sunscreen, or covered areas near your car). Always stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Mild dehydration can include such symptoms as headaches, dizziness, thirst, and strong-smelling urine. If you have someone start to feel nauseous or pass out, you may need to contact emergency services.

Designated Driver

Many people drink alcoholic beverages as part of their tailgating traditions. If your tailgating activities include consuming alcohol, make sure to have one (or more) designated drivers for your ride home. Driving under the influence of alcohol can not only result in a DUI in the State of California but also can cause catastrophic injuries and deaths. Avoid all of that by ensuring that you have a designated driver before your tailgating begins.

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