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Different Types of Car Accidents, Causes, and What to Do

Car accidents happen every day in every state across the US. Unfortunately, California ranks highest for the most number of auto accidents and accident-related fatalities out of the entire country from the most recent data released by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in collaboration with the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).

Types of Collisions

Common types of auto accidents include:

Rear-end collisions

Head-on collisions

Side-impacted collisions (Sideswiped)

Highway construction accidents

Interstate collisions

Single-vehicle crash

T-bone collision

The Rear-end Collision

When one vehicle collides with another vehicle in front of it, it is called a rear-end collision. The most common causes of rear-end collisions are distracted driving, tailgating, and panic stops. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 29% of all collisions are rear-ended collisions, accounting for most car accidents. NHTSA analyses also found that 87% of rear-end collisions occurred due to distracted drivers engaging in activities like texting, eating while driving, interacting with other passengers, rummaging through belongings, and more.

Our clients are usually rear-ended after yielding to oncoming traffic to turn. This is one of the most common scenarios we come across as personal injury and car accident attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area. A good way to prevent these types of accidents is to use your mirrors frequently and safely, turn on your blinkers well before you plan to turn, try your best not to slam on your brakes, and generally practice safety-first driving.

Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions, also known as frontal collisions, occur when two vehicles collide. In these kinds of accidents, two cars traveling in opposite directions collide with one another. Any vehicle can be involved in such an accident (car, motorcycle, truck, RV, etc.) Head-on collisions may also be considered and occur when a vehicle strikes a stationary object like a tree, pole, or cement barrier like a median.

Frontal collisions are one of the most dangerous types of crashes. Many times, these wrecks result in death or injury.

Typically, distracted driving, excessive speed, or drunk driving are the causalities of these types of collisions. Compared to another type of crash, such as a rear-end collision, the severity of injuries associated with a front-end collision is usually greater. A head-on collision produces the most force since both vehicles are moving before impact. Auto accidents of any type can be hazardous, but these types are especially dangerous because they can cause life-threatening injuries. Although frontal collisions are rarer than most other types of accidents, they result in fatality more often.

Side-Impacted Collisions (Sideswiped)

When two cars traveling in the same direction collide, it is referred to as a sideswipe accident. A sideswipe collision may occur when a driver changes lanes, drifts into the next lane, or merges onto a road. Changing lanes or merging can be done safely by a driver who exercises reasonable care. However, exhausted, impaired, distracted, or otherwise negligent drivers may cause sideswipe crashes.

Injuries sustained from a side-impacted collision may be substantial. The sides of vehicles are less protected than the front and rear. As a result, sideswipe collisions have a higher risk of injuring drivers and passengers. An individual may suffer the following injuries due to a side-impacted crash: neck and back injuries, nerve damage, and even brain and spinal cord injuries in more severe or high-speed sideswipes.

Always practice safe lane changing, be aware of your blind spots, and use your mirrors when driving. Unfortunately, these accidents are sometimes unexpected and unavoidable due to another person’s negligence.

Highway Construction Accidents

There is a responsibility for construction zones and companies not to cause accidents. Road construction areas require extra caution from drivers. The repairs of a roadway, the construction of a new road, and the expansion of an existing highway all result in construction zones. Construction zones often have variations in speed limits or traffic signals. A proper signage system should be in place, which drivers should recognize and follow.

Construction workers and equipment may cause drivers to become inattentive. A distracted driver may cause a severe accident, particularly since the layout of a construction zone can change rapidly with narrowing or merging lanes, moving equipment, congested traffic, and many other elements.

Interstate Collisions

If a driver is negligent or reckless, vehicles traveling at highway speeds can create dangerous conditions for any occupant. When another vehicle is a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, accident victims are defenseless against the force of the other vehicle. Highway accidents occur often and can lead to multiple injuries, pile-ups, and many fatalities. It’s essential to always keep your eyes on the road but be particularly alert and avoid distractions when driving on the highway, use your turn signals and mirrors, and obey the speed limit and other laws.

Single-vehicle Crash

During a single-vehicle collision, only one vehicle is involved. These collisions usually have similar causes as head-on collisions, but no other cars were in the path of the vehicle moving. The driver is found at fault as they are usually negligent, under the influence of drugs, or intoxicated by alcohol.

However, unfortunate circumstances occur when a driver who obeys all traffic laws gets injured in a single-car accident. An example of a single-vehicle accident that is not the driver’s fault is a road covered in black ice by sudden freezing, or other acts of nature like flash flooding or falling debris. Although a driver cannot sue for damages, their collision insurance may cover some or all the damage to your vehicle.

T-bone Collision

The most common cause of T-bone accidents, also known as broadside collisions, is failure to yield to the driver with the right-of-way. On many occasions, one of the drivers involved will accidentally make a dangerous left turn at an intersection, thinking the other car will stop at a yellow traffic signal. In some other cases, a rushing, negligent, or even impaired driver may make an illegal turn at a red light while the other vehicle collides into the car turning.

On many occasions, one of the drivers involved will accidentally make a dangerous left turn at an intersection, thinking the other car will stop at a yellow traffic signal or, in more cases, a rushing, negligent, or impaired driver may make an illegal turn at a red light. At the same time, another vehicle collides with the car that’s speeding and turning. Texting, tending to passengers, exhaustion due to lack of sleep, even something as simple as changing the station on the radio can cause a tragic accident.

After a car accident, consult with an experienced attorney

There are many types of accidents under many different scenarios that can worsen impact but these are the most common. The Law Office of Daniel H. Rose can investigate and determine the party liable for damages and your injuries.

Once all insurance policies have been examined for compensation and evidence has been accumulated to support your claim, our office can begin to negotiate aggressively on your behalf for a complete and deserved settlement.

If the insurance company refuses to offer fair compensation, we will be ready to move your case to court. You will have an experienced car accident attorney advocating on your behalf throughout the entire process. Contact our offices for a free and no-obligation consultation.