Safety Tips When Riding Alone in an Uber or Lyft

Just a few short years ago the idea of summoning a stranger to jump in their car would be terrifying. Now, ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft are used by millions of Americans every day without giving it a second thought. However, there are reports of injuries and deaths that have happened to innocent victims in Uber and Lyft rides. Before you call your next Uber or Lyft, make sure to know the following safety tips.

Most Important Safety Tips

The most important safety tips for riding in an Uber or Lyft are listed below, but always use your common sense and remove yourself from any situation you feel may be dangerous.

  • Request Your Uber or Lyft While Inside. No matter where you request your Uber or Lyft, try to stay inside until you see the vehicle arrive. Standing outside alone with your phone in your hand can be dangerous. Remaining inside can give you the opportunity to ensure that the correct driver is pulling up to take you to your next destination.
  • Check Your Uber or Lyft Credentials. Make sure that you are getting into the correct car with the correct driver. Match the license plate number, the model and make of the vehicle and the driver photo that is provided by the app. Never get into any car if you are unsure that it’s from a legitimate ridesharing company. One simple way to make sure that you are in the correct vehicle is to have the driver confirm your name before entering the car.
  • Ride in the Backseat. Always ride in the back seat of an Uber or Lyft car. You have more opportunities and choices regarding how and when to exit the vehicle, as well as providing some personal space for yourself.
  • Wear Your Seat Belt. Anytime you are riding in any vehicle, you should wear your seat belt. Uber and Lyft vehicles are just as likely to get in an accident as any others. If you are ever involved in an accident, you may have to take extra steps regarding insurance companies paying for any damages or injuries you may have suffered. For example, Uber’s insurance policy covers its drivers.
  • Tell Others Where You Are. If you are going to use a ridesharing service, make sure to let someone know that you are using it, and what your destination is, or actually stay on the phone with them during your trip.
  • Protect Your Private Information. Make sure that you never share additional personal information with your driver, which could expose you to identity theft or other types of crimes.
  • Use Common Sense. If you have any bad feelings about a driver or anything about the vehicle, never hesitate to turn down a ride. You have the right to refuse service from a vehicle. If you feel you are in danger, always call 911 from the emergency button that is available on many apps related to the ridesharing company.

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