Pedestrian in Crosswalk Killed By Big Rig Truck in Emeryville

Tragically, Mahin Ashki, age 58, was killed while walking in a crosswalk in Emeryville on 11/1/16.  The incident occurred at the intersection of Christie and Powell Street when the truck, making a westbound right turn from Christie to Powell, hit Mrs. Ashki with the front of the rig, pulling her underneath the truck.  As I have previously written about, right-turning trucks are a common cause of fatalities and severe injuries to both pedestrians and bicyclists.  In the many pedestrian accident cases I have handled, accident reconstruction analyses and video evidence is utilized to prove fault and recover the substantial liability insurance available.  And it remains to be seen whether any dangerous road conditions may have contributed to causing the incident.  In any case, more training of truck drivers is clearly needed.  Any witnesses are asked to call police at (510) 596-3700.