May is Motorcyle Safety Awareness Month

The month-long NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) campaign to raise motorcycle safety and awareness during May reminds motorists to “share the road” with motorcycles. Drivers are asked to be extra alert to motorcycles on the road and motorcyclists are reminded to make themselves visible to other motorists. Motorcyclists are more exposed than other motorists and therefore their motorcycle collisions are more likely to be severe or fatal in an accident. According to the CHP (California Highway Patrol), fatal collisions involving motorcyclists in California have been increasing over the past few years – accounting for nearly 16 percent of the total number of collision fatalities. The CHP urges all riders to obtain safety training as a key component in reducing the number of motorcycle collisions. The California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP), the state’s official motorcycle training program, offers courses throughout the state for both new and experienced motorcyclists.

The following video illustrates a common cause of motorcycle accidents and how attentive drivers must be to avoid them.