Bicyclist Injured in Golden Gate Park at Crossover and MLK By Left Turning Vehicle

During the evening of 9/19/15, a bicyclist traveling westbound on MLK Drive was seriously injured when struck by a vehicle making a left turn from eastbound MLK Drive onto northbound Crossover Drive.  The bicyclist suffered back injuries and was treated at San Francisco General Hospital.  As attorneys who handle San Francisco bicycle accidents, we have handled numerous cases involving bicyclists severely injured by left-turning vehicles.  Unfortunately it is a very common, but inexcusable, way in which bicyclists are injured or killed throughout the SF Bay Area as the result of the negligence of motorists.

Drivers unfortunately tend not to look for oncoming bicyclists when making left turns, rendering their turn unsafe and in violation of the California Vehicle Code.  In all of the many such cases we have handled, the driver has been held responsible for the resulting injuries or death, despite their attempts to pin fault on the bicyclist.